Thumbnail Learning the Wired ways with Alcalde

Cristina Alcalde is one of the three faculty co-directors for A&S Wired, a new residential college at UK. A&S Wired starts in the Fall of 2011, and aims to integrate the social and intellectual lives of first-year students. She is excited abo

Thumbnail ADHD and Reading Comprehension

ADHD or Attention Deficit effects many children today. Professor Richard Milich, a psychologist here at UK, has been doing research on ADHD for decades to learn how ADHD effects learning. With the help of a colleague and a new grant he hopes to conti

Thumbnail More than Art for Art’s Sake

All students at the University of Kentucky have to take multiple classes in the College of Arts and Sciences to fulfill their general education requirements. But in today’s increasingly specialized world, some people question the practicality

Thumbnail President Lee Todd on Research

President Lee Todd spoke to A&S Dean Mark Lawrence Kornbluh about the impact and future of the University of Kentucky’s research programs.

Thumbnail UK Professors Lighting the Way

Solar energy has been around for a while now, but John Anthony is part of a team that was recently awarded a National Science Foundation grant to develop new ways to catch and convert light to electricity.

Thumbnail The Science of Self-control

After a busy day without a lunch break, how many times have you had that extra piece of chocolate cake, or another glass of wine later that night, when you knew, in your heart of hearts that you might not really need it? "And the next morning...

Thumbnail Eyeing the Details Again

The newest addition to the Department of Biology, Ann Morris, not only brings her expertise in developmental biology and genetics to the University of Kentucky, but also a model organism for studying the genetic disorders that disrupt the human eye.

Thumbnail Different Lands, Common Ground

South Africa has received quite a bit of international press this year as the host nation of the 2010 World Cup. Although the festivities surrounding the exciting sports events are over, the College of Arts & Sciences is launching a new South...

Thumbnail No Mystery to MathExcel

2010 marks the 20th anniversary of MathExcel, a nationally-recognized program that reinforces valuable study skills for calculus students through group problem-solving sessions. Fittingly, one only needs to look at the numbers to comprehend...

Thumbnail Writing in the Information Age

We live in an age of communication. From writing to speaking to texting to social networking, we are constantly communicating with others. The way that we communicate—the words that we use, the style with which we deliver them, and the mode of ...

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