Passport to the World Program

The Passport to the World Program will enable the college to embark on a year-long exploration of the culture and history of region or country.

The college offers exciting international programming each academic year connecting A&S, the university, and the Commonwealth to the world. The Passport to the World Program enables the college to embark on year-long explorations of the culture and history of a particular region or country. The program engages our community in crucial global conversations, sparks an ongoing exchange of ideas, and promotes awareness of our collective similarities and differences. Public lectures and cultural events, coursework, exchanges, and travel all foster the creation of global awareness and participation. In addition, individuals gain valuable cultural perspectives through direct interaction with their international peers. Students, faculty members, and alumni also have unique opportunities to study abroad. International collaborations are facilitated through travel, faculty exchanges, and technology-mediated conferences and consultations.

During the inaugural year of this program, the college sponsored South Africa and Kentucky: Different Lands, Common Ground. Upcoming international programming will highlight China, with many other exciting options to come.