The A&S in the Community Program

The A&S In the Community Program will promote student participation in outreach programs that link their studies with specific community needs.

Participation may be with local community events/programs but may also be performed during the summer in students’ hometowns. The Program, in collaboration with the University and other UK colleges and units, will also build upon existing programs where alumni and senior adults in the local community meet in a classroom-type setting.  Participants will have the opportunity to enroll in study groups that are focused on a particular topic.  Classes will have recommended reading materials and will be led by a volunteer coordinator – a member of the community, graduate student, or faculty member.

Additionally, the Program will work with the UK Agricultural and Fine Arts Extension and partner with counties, communities, organizations, and individuals by providing multidisciplinary, problem-oriented resources and support for community projects ranging from environmental questions and health ethics to oral histories and historical preservation.